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​“With his work ethic, versatility and exceptional control over his voice, Ashley is the best possible to play both the character and the announcer so distinctly that anyone listening would naturally assume the voices belong to two different people"

-​ REDWORKS (Ogilvy & Mather, South Africa)

"JUST DAFT", they said.  "Why not use keywords that say exactly what this is? Like: VOICE ARTIST or ASHLEY DOWDS'S VOICE STUDIO or even something like: "GET YOUR VOICE OVERS DONE HERE". "You remind us of Phil, in 'Modern Family'  (No one else gets the GAG!)"

Because most dot coms with those titles are taken.

Because 'Cabin in The Words' is remarkable word-smithing.

(See what I just did there!?)

Simply put, it's a CABIN right here in this website, where you can order your Voice Overs hassle free.

It's also a LITERAL cabin of course - my recording studio for VOICE OVERS.


Order your Voice Overs 

Send the words, I'll give them a voice.



The rule of thumb is the VO rate card, which is updated every year.  But email me or call me with the details of the VO you need, and rates can be negotiated!  

Educational video? Business presentation? Radio  ad?  This is a quick, hassle free way of getting the VO done. Go to 'contact', or click the button below...

Cabin!? Where's the Cabin?